Loving Someone Is Letting Them Be Happy

This is a phrase we hear a lot, but let’s be honest… maybe it is truth that the other person deserves to be happy eventhough it means that she/he should go away from your life, but where does OUR life remains? Isn’t it worth?

Today I started to think about this phrase when I saw a couple fighting in my college…. I remembered how people tend to fool themselves and make themselves believe that they can be happy, and that they will be able to continue their existance without their other half, but that’s not truth… because you will always, ALWAYS remember the other person 24/7 and in everything you do (Of course I am referring only in the case you have found your truth love).

Many friends of mine have lived the situation I am describing, and they have asked me for advice… I have to be honest that I tried to give them the best I could… and I will not try to convince you that I haven’t used the phrase, just because it is the way society taught us, but I will be honest the only thing I really wanted to tell them was that nothing is more valuable in this life than true love, so if they are sure they have found it… well fight fot it against all, and well go against all odds, it is better than regreating it forever….

And now I leave you with the video of a great song, Against All Odds original by Phill Collins, but performed by Westlife and Mariah Carey…. I think this song defines what we all hope for and wish to say when we live in a situation like the one described above…


~ by Me on October 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Loving Someone Is Letting Them Be Happy”

  1. Well… this is a theme I don’t wanna talk about… >_<… It’s very related to me at the moment Oo… well… I don’t realy know -.-‘. But yes, if I would have to give an advice about this I would tell to fight until all hope is death and.. hope never dies…

  2. I agree,

    Hope is the rope that swings you throughout your life 🙂

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